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general terms for real estate

General Terms and Conditions real estate agents (hereinafter:terms and conditions) regulated the business relationship between real estate Agency (hereinafter:Broker) and person or company (hereinafter:client) who with broker enters into a written agreement on mediation. Terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded between the broker and the client.

Certain terms and in terms of these General terms have the following meanings:
Real estate agency operations are real estate agents regarding connecting the customer and third party negotiations and preparations for the conclusion of legal transactions which are subject to certain property, especially in the purchase, sale, exchange, lease, rental and others. The Customer is a person or company who has real estate agents make a written agreement on mediation (seller, buyer, lessee, lessor, landlord, tenant or other possible participants in real estate). Intermediary fee is the amount that the Principal is obliged to pay intermediary for mediation services.

Our offer is based on the information we receive in writing and orally by the client. There is a possibility of error in the description and price of the property and the possibility that the property has already been sold, leased or the property owner withdrew from the sale. Our offers and alerts the recipient (client) must keep confidential and only with our written approval may not transfer to a third party.

Real estate prices are expressed in euros and payable in Kunas.